We're among those well known Professional Housekeeping Consultancy Service providers. Due to years of experience in this domain, we've gathered adequate expertise to give the ideal solution for all sorts of transcription services. We have appointed a group of highly experienced and qualified consultants, who are trained in compliance with the business set parameters. Consultants offer professional aid to housekeeping branches, whether self-managed or contracted.

We're the top housekeeping staffing service, offering positioning solutions which provide structure to a very redid and frequently casual company, where the office is your employer's house. We assist companies which are looking for full time or very low maintenance, live-in or live-out specialists. Our housekeeping consultancy providers also give nutrition to emergency call-outs and temporary employees.

We put them up, always; we outfitted them with the remarkable aptitudes that they might want to execute their responsibilities or to create in future. Our housekeeping staffing agency included experts choose for high-bore housekeepers, frequently with assistant components, for example, hamburgers, guardians or carers, to assist the running of the loved ones. With personal service, focus concerning the specific needs of customers, rigorous checking and evaluation of candidates since the institution's ethos, always pros from changing foundations hope our housekeeping recruiting agencies locate the ideal probability to their lifestyle. Despite providing private organizations we provide a range of cleansing organizations, such as in the aftermath of social occasion cleaners, window cleaners, fresh headway cleansers, moving-maids, occasion cleaners, and cleaning to the elderly, debilitated and wounded men and women. Our janitorial recruiting agencies concentrate on gaining a complete comprehension of your requirements with the objective which we may place the best competition to ensure your satisfaction. We mean to eliminate your habitual burdens, paying little mind to if that's guaranteeing the kids are gathered from college, that there's an outstanding dinner organized for this night's small soirée, or an older relative may carry on living safely in their own house.

Our solutions

Our solutions
Produce content and information on housekeeping techniques and processes
Our solutions
Offer seminars, lectures, conferences on various housekeeping systems

How can I land more cleaning contracts?

Q. How can I land more cleaning contracts? A. Here are just a few approaches to use: Identify and map out your immediate trade area. You can do this by drawing a large circle on a map around your business Continue reading →

Q. How can I land more cleaning contracts? A. Here are just a few approaches to use: Identify and map out your immediate trade area. You can do this by drawing a large circle on a map around your business Continue reading →

Q. How can I land more cleaning contracts?

A. Here are just a few approaches to use:

  1. Identify and map out your immediate trade area. You can do this by drawing a large circle on a map around your business or home that in turn reaches out 20 minutes in drive time in each direction. You will lower your cost and be most effective in your own backyard. Obtain the print out of all the businesses in each ZIP code for your trade area. Our new Cleaning Manager Dashboard accomplishes all of this for you.
  2. With your marketing flyers and business card begin visiting all of the businesses in your trade area that represent the type of prospects you would like to clean. Your written or email strategy might include the note that: “We are large enough to service all of your cleaning needs, yet small enough to provide personalized service.” Or, “We are located right in your backyard and ready to impress you with our superior cleaning service”. Our Janitorial Success manual now contains 40-marketing flyers for just about every situation.
  3. Open the conversation with the receptionist: “I’m _______________ with______________. We are located right down the street and clean accounts in the neighborhood. I’d like to ask your manager if I could provide an office cleaning bid, just in case your people quit. It would be like a back up bid you could keep on file - and it’s free.” (Smile Big). Our one hour video explains 12 Secrets to Landing Cleaning Contracts.
  4. If they insist they already have someone they are happy with and don’t need a backup bid, ask if you could make a note when the contract is up for renewal and make future contact.
  5. Even if the receptionist (gate keeper) does not let you pass, make conversation with them. Create a positive impression. You will be amazed at what you can learn from the receptionist if you handle the conversation correctly.
  6. When you do the building walk through and site inspection, take note if the bid specs really meet the needs of the building. If not, offer to rewrite the bid specs to address current service issues.
  7. Locate as many cleaning and service issues or problems as you can. Janitorial Success shows 18 reasons why cleaning contractors are cancelled. Construct your bid proposal to address all of the deficiencies that you noticed.
  8. Differentiate your company from the competition - do you use vacuums with hepa filtration to improve indoor air quality? Do you do background checks on your staff using e-verify? Do you offer Green Cleaning? Are all of your employees trained to eliminate cross-contamination? And the list goes on. Determine your best niche and exploit it.
  9. Prospect companies that are similar to, or of the same type that you may currently clean. If you have an “in” with realtors, insurance companies, banks or medical offices, expand your marketing coverage to focus on these markets. Use one of our flyers for each specific category along with letters of recommendation.
  10. Make application to be placed on bid lists. Check local branch banks and ask them how they contract for cleaning services. Some banking institutions contract nationally but others contract regionally. If you can get on a regional bid list you could pick up multiple accounts.
  11. Visit the after-hours mixers for your local area Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or a local leads club such as BNI. Normally, you can make an initial visit to see if there is a good fit for your company. Networking is an important avenue to land more bid appointments.
  12. Ask for referrals or leads from everyone you know. This could include current clients, family, friends, church, clubs, PTA or any organizations that you belong to. When you get a lead from someone, send a personal thank you note. And, if you get that account, follow up with a gift certificate.
  13. Consider expanding your service coverage such as cleaning apartment communities, cleaning their move outs and also providing their common area and clubhouse cleaning. Consider expanding carpet cleaning, floor care and upholstery cleaning for all of your customers. Our Contractor Training Program includes a comprehensive Carpet, Floor and Upholstery Care training program, including testing and certification.
  14. Establish a telemarketing program. Since we have personally landed over a thousand contracts using telemarketing, we can show you all of our secrets. Read our booklet included in the Janitorial Success Manual. We have set up our Cleaning Manager’s Dashboard to track and help run your entire telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.
  15. Your closing average will improve by using a winning presentation that we have developed for you. In addition, most customers prefer to study a contractor’s webpage before they make a final decision.

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