We're among those well known Professional Housekeeping Consultancy Service providers. Due to years of experience in this domain, we've gathered adequate expertise to give the ideal solution for all sorts of transcription services. We have appointed a group of highly experienced and qualified consultants, who are trained in compliance with the business set parameters. Consultants offer professional aid to housekeeping branches, whether self-managed or contracted.

We're the top housekeeping staffing service, offering positioning solutions which provide structure to a very redid and frequently casual company, where the office is your employer's house. We assist companies which are looking for full time or very low maintenance, live-in or live-out specialists. Our housekeeping consultancy providers also give nutrition to emergency call-outs and temporary employees.

We put them up, always; we outfitted them with the remarkable aptitudes that they might want to execute their responsibilities or to create in future. Our housekeeping staffing agency included experts choose for high-bore housekeepers, frequently with assistant components, for example, hamburgers, guardians or carers, to assist the running of the loved ones. With personal service, focus concerning the specific needs of customers, rigorous checking and evaluation of candidates since the institution's ethos, always pros from changing foundations hope our housekeeping recruiting agencies locate the ideal probability to their lifestyle. Despite providing private organizations we provide a range of cleansing organizations, such as in the aftermath of social occasion cleaners, window cleaners, fresh headway cleansers, moving-maids, occasion cleaners, and cleaning to the elderly, debilitated and wounded men and women. Our janitorial recruiting agencies concentrate on gaining a complete comprehension of your requirements with the objective which we may place the best competition to ensure your satisfaction. We mean to eliminate your habitual burdens, paying little mind to if that's guaranteeing the kids are gathered from college, that there's an outstanding dinner organized for this night's small soirée, or an older relative may carry on living safely in their own house.

Our solutions

Our solutions
Produce content and information on housekeeping techniques and processes
Our solutions
Offer seminars, lectures, conferences on various housekeeping systems

“Well, we didn’t hear anything from her so she must be happy”. “We sent a customer satisfaction survey out to her but she never responded so I guess we’re doing ok.” “They’ll contact us if they’re not happy”. Have you ever spoken these words? Most probably we all have at one time or another. So, […]

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Four days of watching ball games in elite tournament play left me with some revealing insight into the minds of coaches and players alike. What I saw can be directly applied to your business and employee morale building. Wow!  On and off the field, professionalism means the same thing as it does in business. Conduct and […]

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Here is what I know: the time when customers are the least loveable is the time when they need the MOST from you. Just like with children, your customers need more from you during times of stress. When they are made to feel appreciated and valued during the good times, it is much easier to […]

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Have you watched people as they move throughout life? I find it so very interesting to see the hustlers and the sash-sayers as they find their own pace throughout life.  What does how they walk and carry themselves tell you about who they are and what kind of leaders they would make? Watching the ball players […]

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Is this where we are?  I’m so utterly dismayed at the concept of creating a successful service business without as much as talking with a customer or prospect.  How did we get here?   How did we lose sight of the fact that customers want to do business with live people and particularly those they know […]

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The most important skill a service business owner needs to learn is the art of pricing jobs profitably. Profitably being the key word here. It’s not something you can or should find out in a FB group, or by asking friends in the industry or by guessing because to do so may cheat you and […]

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The art of listening is a dying one. Or so it would seem.  Have you found yourself in the position of supposedly conversing with an employee only to find that you have done most of the talking and the employee has done most of the listening?  This is a roadway to ineffective leadership and discourages […]

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Q. How do you price window washing? A. Window washing has several cleaning time variables including operator experience, size and productivity of equipment, ease of access, soil condition of glass and size of windows. Sometimes it is easier to break Continue reading →

Q. How do you get iodine stains out of a stainless steel sink? A. I would try a chlorinated cream cleanser with a white or blue nylon scrub pad. Make sure you only scrub with the grain and then rinse. Continue reading →

Q. How do I clean automotive upholstery? A. Automotive upholstery cleaning is approached much like standard carpet cleaning. For light touch-ups you can use a foaming shampoo, or an encapsulation cleaner with a brush or car wash mitt. Use approved Continue reading →

Q. How can I keep accounts from cancelling? A. Account retention is crucial in keeping your business profitable. Our new Cleaning Managers Dashboard outlines specific strategies to pursue. Here is brief summary of the areas you must excel: Repeat business Continue reading →

Q. How can I close more cleaning contracts? I turned in the bid, but never heard back. I guess they went with someone else. I wonder why things are slow right now. A. Maybe the company you left your bid Continue reading →

A knowledgeable and experienced consultant can provide non-biased solutions to even the most difficult cleaning challenges. Quality breaches, low productivity and a lack of proper systems are often three areas where creative solutions and results are required. A trained consultant Continue reading →

Initially, our blog will contain answers to some of the many questions I receive regularly from cleaning contractors and new start-up companies. Part of our customer service includes ongoing support to help you grow a successful cleaning business. Here are some Continue reading →

Q. Will your carpet or floor care training course insure that I get a job? A. Our training program is very thorough. You will learn all the necessary steps to clean and troubleshoot cleaning problems. The test is open book. Continue reading →

Q. Should I train all of my janitorial / custodial workers on Floor and Carpet Care? A. Your floor or carpet care crew will be more efficient if you do yourself a favor first, and exclude any and all workers Continue reading →

Q. How can I land more cleaning contracts? A. Here are just a few approaches to use: Identify and map out your immediate trade area. You can do this by drawing a large circle on a map around your business Continue reading →

Sharon’s article for  “Cleaning and Maintenance Management Online”. One of the greatest challenges for building service contractors (BSCs) during the next decade will be attracting and retaining quality employees and maintaining a stable workforce. With the labor market tightening and technology evolving rapidly, it is even more critical for the service businesses of today to […]

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Sharon is a contributor to this article in “Cleaning and Maintenance Management Online”. Maintaining a well-trained, capable staff is a crucial part of providing consistent, high-quality commercial cleaning services—yet many organizations struggle to keep employees on board. In fact, cleaning operation managers list turnover reduction as one of their top three challenges, according to a […]

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Companies who achieve a million dollar revenue mark are owned and managed by people who have a mindset that is different from the average business owner. What’s so different about it? How do you get that mindset? Let’s look at how they think! Marketing is everything! That is the basic philosophy of the millionaire mindset. […]

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No communication from the client doesn’t necessarily mean everything is ok! In other words “ no news is NOT necessarily not good news”. Meeting and exceeding client expectations in terms of delivery of quality service in your cleaning business is critical to your successful growth. Just because the phone does not ring with a complaint […]

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Whether you are a commercial or residential cleaning company, the question of paying Employees to ride in the car from job to job is one that haunts cleaning business owners. What is the right thing to do? What am I required to do legally? How can you afford to pay people to ride in a […]

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This age old question has been on the mind of every cleaning business owner since the beginning of time. Throughout the years, there have been non-legal, private individuals in our industry attempting to take business away from legitimate businesses who work hard, pay taxes and try to build successful businesses by doing it the right […]

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“If you do business today the way you did business yesterday, you won’t be here tomorrow”. A business philosophy that has helped many business owners stay focused on vision and goals. This mantra holds true in that if you are not open to new methods and ideas, you will find your business becoming stagnate and […]

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Finding a solution to the common problem of getting new customers without breaking the bank has many business owners scratching their heads wondering what to do. If this is a problem in your business, keep reading. I have a solution. Unfortunately, many business owners get swept up in the sales pitches from high priced advertising […]

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